Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete, also known as textured or imprinted concrete, is a versatile and durable paving option that beautifully mimics natural materials like slate, flagstone, brick, and wood. Its wide array of patterns and colors makes it a popular choice for enhancing patios, pool decks, driveways, and more. This involves staining or coloring the concrete before stamping, which highlights the detailed textures and adds depth to the finish.

Affordable and low maintenance, stamped concrete services is an ideal solution for those looking to upgrade any space without the high cost and upkeep of natural materials. At Eco Concrete Company, we take pride in our stamped concrete finishes that combine curb appeal with eco-friendliness, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Stamped Concrete Varieties & Applications


Stamped concrete’s versatility allows for application on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, broadening its use beyond mere flooring. You can complete an outdoor concrete fireplace surround with the natural elegance of stone or give a concrete retaining wall the sturdy appearance of brick.


Within your home, stamped concrete serves as a functional yet stylish finish. Opt for a concrete basement floor stamped to mimic the warm aesthetics of wood, a choice that marries practicality with visual appeal. In the kitchen, stamped concrete that replicates tile offers durability and an attractive design, ensuring a space that’s both beautiful and built to las

Hassle-Free Concrete Stamping

1. Removal/Clearing

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After your scheduled consultation, our team begins by removing any existing concrete or asphalt, trees or shrubs, and anything else in the way of the planned section.

2. Preparation

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We prepare the site by mapping out our agreed plans on the ground in the area to be worked on. Next, the site is treated with several layers of grading gravel that gets compacted and leveled. We then place forms and rebar for concrete reinforcement. Now the site is ready for concrete.

3. Pour Concrete

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The concrete is poured into the forms, ensuring precise alignment and uniformity. The process requires skill and attention to detail to prevent air pockets, achieve proper compaction, and create a sturdy and smooth surface. Once poured, the concrete must be leveled and prepared for the chosen colors and pattern of stamps to be used. Water may be sprayed to the surface to ensure the concrete is ready.

4. Coloring

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This is a very crucial step in the process. Color can be added before the concrete is poured for a more uniform color throughout. It can also be added to the surface of the poured concrete, along with a release agent to prevent the stamps from sticking to the concrete in the next step.

5. Apply the Chosen Stamps

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After the color and release agent have been added, the concrete can now get its final appearance from the pre-chosen stamp design. The stamps are laid out on the surface, while workers pound the pattern into the concrete. This step is repeated across the planned area. The concrete is then rinsed off to show its new surface.

6. Finish Concrete

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To add to the life of your new stone, brick, or wood patterned stamped concrete, a sealant is applied. Sealing is essential for decorative stamped concrete. It enhances color, adds surface sheen (satin to high gloss), prevents discoloration from efflorescence, and blocks stains. You (and your family and friends) will enjoy your new outdoor area for years to come!

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