Concrete Garage Floor Services in Madison

Whether it’s a new home concrete garage floor or we are repairing or replacing your concrete garage floor we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to do your concrete garage floor properly and safely.

In the past few years there has been a movement to transform a Madison home’s garage into a functional area. Concrete garage floors can be painted with heavy duty special epoxy based systems which is not only aesthetically pleasing but is an economical way to make your garage into a functional area of the house. There many colors of epoxy garage floors available and you can also add paint chips in to give your epoxy garage floor an added texture.

Benefits of Concrete Garage Floors in Madison

  • Durability
    Garage slabs take a lot of abuse compared to other floorings around the home. They have to support heavy vehicles, stand up to dirt, gasoline, motor oil, and other contaminants, and, since many garages aren’t heated, they must endure freeze/thaw conditions. A properly installed concrete garage floor can take all that and more. With proper care, they can easily last upwards of 35 years, even with heavy use and the worst of Wisconsin weather.
  • Affordability
    Concrete garage floors cost a fraction of what you pay for some other flooring options, but they can still be made to look like premium materials via scoring, coloring, stamping, and stencils. Many homeowners opt for faux wood, tile, or slate finishes to create a high-end aesthetic without the big-ticket price tag.
  • Low maintenance
    Concrete garage floors are easy to clean and maintain, especially compared to other flooring options.
  • Safety
    Concrete garage floors are slip-resistant, fireproof, and manufactured without harmful chemicals. Homeowners also never have to worry about slip-and-fall injuries from lifted carpets or tiles.
  • Versatility
    Modern concrete garage flooring is not the boring slab of yesteryear. Homeowners can choose any color, texture, or design to create any look.
  • Sustainability
    Concrete flooring is a sustainable choice for your home or business. It is made from natural materials that are abundant and renewable. Concrete is also durable and long-lasting, so it requires less maintenance and replacement than other flooring materials.

Garage Concrete Pouring Process

  • Examination. We begin by visiting with you on-site and listening to your ideas and concerns while answering all of your questions.
  • Estimate. Once we get the details of what you are looking for, we provide a clear, honest, and precise quote of how much we charge for all supplies and labor.
  • Prepare the site. We prepare the garage site by creating a solid foundation underneath the concrete. If we are replacing an old floor, we’ll remove the old concrete and clear out the site. Preparing the site also includes making the necessary measurements and setting up the base.
  • Mix & pour the concrete. Next, we mix the concrete according to standards for the Wisconsin climate. The concrete is designed to handle the rough winters. Then, we pour the concrete and smooth out the finish.
  • Design. We’ll design the concrete according to the plan. We’ll add any decorative features that you request.
  • Drying & curing. The last step is allowing the concrete dry and cure.

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