Build Your Future with Us – Become a Hardscape Hero!

Transform Your Career Path into an Epic Journey

Eco Concrete is the leading concrete contractor in Dane County for a reason. We believe that fulfilling concrete jobs offer more than just a paycheck—they provide a chance to be part of a story where you are the hero. We’re on a mission to find local individuals ready to make a difference in their careers. Are you one of them?

Lead Hardscape Hero (FOREMAN)

  • Competitive Compensation: Earn between $40/hr and $50/hr, based on your experience and qualifications.
  • Consistent Work Schedule: Monday to Friday work week with year-round employment.
  • Robust Benefits: Comprehensive benefits package designed to support you and your family.
  • Performance Bonuses: We recognize and reward your hard work and leadership.
  • Continued Learning: Opportunities for continued education and professional development.
  • Leadership and Organization: We value leaders who are organized and can mentor and direct teams efficiently.

Your Role in Our Vision
As a Lead Hardscape Hero, you will:

  • Take charge of daily operations and multiple projects, ensuring efficient and safe production.
  • Be involved in project staffing, selecting the appropriate equipment and managing production schedules within budget.
  • Lead, supervise, and mentor your crew according to company policies while adhering to safety standards.
  • Coordinate on-site to manage manpower, materials, and equipment effectively.
  • Maintain a keen understanding of project goals, ensuring all work aligns with specifications and timelines

Hardscape Heroes (Concrete Laborer)

  • Competitive Pay: Earn from $23/hr up to $40/hr, recognizing your skill and commitment.
  • Consistent Hours: Enjoy the stability of a Monday-Friday schedule.
  • Year-Round Opportunity: We offer continuous work, regardless of the season.
  • Valuable Benefits: Your well-being is a priority; we provide benefits that matter.
  • Rewarding Bonuses: We recognize and reward your hard work and dedication.
  • Growth and Learning: With ongoing training and education opportunities, we invest in your future.

We’re seeking individuals eager to learn and build a long-lasting career.

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Why Choose ECO Concrete?

  • Tight-Knit Team: Experience the support and camaraderie of our close-knit crew and leadership.
  • Operational Excellence: Our on-site operations office ensures seamless workflow and communication.
  • Predictable Schedules: Know your weekly schedule in advance – less surprises.
  • Great Equipment: We invest in high-quality equipment to make your job efficient and enjoyable.

The Difference is Clear

We understand the frustrations you might face elsewhere:

  • Disjointed leadership? Not here. We’re cohesive and supportive.
  • Vague scheduling? We offer clarity and consistency.
  • Lack of recognition? We celebrate your hard work.
  • Poor investment in tools? We provide the tools we need to get the job done well.
  • Office politics and disorganization? We focus on a clear vision and organized operations.

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Your Role in Our Story

As a Hardscape Hero, you’re not just a worker; you’re a vital part of our story. A story where your growth, satisfaction, and achievements are central. Here, you’re not facing the typical industry problems; you’re overcoming them with a team that values and supports you.

Ready to Embark on this Journey?

Join us at ECO Concrete, where your career is
not just a job, but a heroic path to greatness.