Carbon Neutral Concrete

We care about climate change and recognize an opportunity to make a difference in one of the most carbon-intensive businesses. Simply put, we discovered a sector that can be made more sustainable. We can help you lower your carbon footprint without sacrificing project quality.

To offset our carbon footprint and fight climate change, we collaborated with Save The Rainforest, a global environmental education group.

  • Reduce Carbon Foot Print
  • Less Impact On Climate Change
  • Promotes A More Sustainable Planet
  • Better For All Living Organisms

Actual Effect

Per, manufacturing a cubic yard of concrete is responsible for emitting about 400 lbs of CO2, approximately equivalent to:

  • an average tank of gas in a car
  • a home computer for a year
  • a microwave oven in a home for a year
  • 9 compact fluorescent light bulbs in an average house

Sustainable Concrete Services

Eco Concrete has always aimed to have a beneficial impact on the environment and the industries it serves. Our concrete services accomplish this by enhancing customer service and quality while also lowering our carbon footprint. One way we achieve this is by implementing a carbon credit system that allows Amazonian indigenous peoples to reclaim and restore their forests while also actively offsetting the carbon created during the creation and installation of your new concrete masterpiece. This makes our clients happy with the final product and confident in their commitment to a greener planet.

Concrete Patio Testimonial

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We care for the environment in general and we saw an opportunity, in one of the most carbon intensive industries, to make a difference.