Epoxy Concrete Floor Services

Eco Concrete Company offers high-performance epoxy concrete floor coatings for garages and basements that can provide both durability and design options. A garage is an important space in a home that can endure heavy abuse, so having a coating that can protect and freshen it up is a valuable investment. Basements are more than just laundry rooms and furnaces. They can be playrooms and rec rooms or workshops. Adding an epoxy concrete finish to your basement opens up numerous use possibilities.

We have customization options to match practical and aesthetic needs. It’s essential to have a coating that not only performs well but also looks great and complements the overall design of the home.

Epoxy coated concrete flooring done by Eco Concrete is a great option for anyone looking to improve their garage or basement with a durable and stylish coating.

Epoxy Concrete Floor Lasting Protection

Epoxy concrete floors are four times more adhesive and more resistant to delamination, creating a coat that is much thicker and stronger than paint. In order for the application to be successful, lots of preparation and repair needs to take place. See how Eco Concrete completes the process of preparing and applying epoxy coating.

Our Process

  • We prepare your garage floor for epoxy floor coating by inspecting the surface and doing a moisture test, determining if your floor is sealed or painted, and if there are any excess moisture areas.
  • Epoxy will not adhere to sealed or painted concrete surfaces, so the next step is to remove any sealers and make sure the surface is moisture-free.
  • Our team of garage floor epoxy coatings experts identifies any epoxy concrete repair that needs to be done to the floor. Because epoxy is self-leveling, the surface must be completely flat and free of any cracks and dips.
  • Once the garage floor has been examined and it has been determined it can comply with the application of epoxy coating for concrete floors, our team thoroughly cleans the surface of the garage floor, making sure it is free of oil and grease.
  • The final step to preparing for exterior concrete epoxy coating is profiling the garage floor and completing repairs. In order for the epoxy to flow onto the surface and form a solid bond, the pores of the garage floor must be profiled and exposed for the epoxy to flow into.
  • Our team gets to work applying the epoxy. After a long process of mixing epoxy, coating many layers and applying vinyl cover flakes, your epoxy garage floor coating is ready to cure.
  • Finally, after a few days of curing, your epoxy garage floor is ready for your vehicle and built to last for years to come.

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